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By Mike Long, on Jan 8, 2016

As we enter 2016, Americans are… well, angry is the word I’ll use. This outstanding piece by Jillian Kay Melchior, a scheduled speaker at our upcoming CPPAC event that begins on January 31, uses a more colorful phrase.

How would you describe yourself here in the New Year, as you think about the state of our nation, the challenges we face, and President Obama’s actions so far in the final year of his presidency? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll – the first of 2016!

As Jillian notes, Americans have every right to be outraged. 

We’re sick of our money being wasted

We’ve had it with con-artists in Congress manipulating our tax dollars for their own ends.

We’re fed up with an economy that forces people to all but give up on even the hope of finding a job. 

We’re tired of phony “solutions” like President Obama’s gun control mandates that are in reality attempts to take away the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

We’re sick of politicians like Hillary Clinton who want to literally ignore the problem of illegal immigration.

“Americans do not want America to become what Europe is becoming,” Peggy Noonan (a CPPAC alum herself) notes in her new Wall Street Journal column – and the New Year provided us a terrifying glimpse of what Europe is becoming.

We’re sick of being told not to worry about terrorist threats that are right in front of us.

We’re outraged by President Obama’s weakening of America to the point that our enemies no longer fear us.

What do you think Americans should be MOST outraged about right now? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

The outrage Americans are feeling is a good thing, as Jillian notes in her Post column. “A survey that found mass apathy would be true cause for concern,” she writes.

As President Reagan framed it in 1964, this is a time for choosing. Victor Davis Hanson notes that 2016 is as perilous a time for America as 1980. America chose well then. I pray we choose well this year. 

Let’s start the year out with a “baseline” reading of the Republican presidential field – which candidate do you believe is the BEST choice right now to lead the nation? That’s this week’s final poll question. 

Have a great weekend – and Happy New Year!

Besides getting rid of Obama and Hillary, we need reform of the Justice and Homeland Security departments. We have a grave national security problem in this country and the biggest threat facing us immigration. Immigration needs to halted entirely for the next 50 years. We have been importing over 1 million people per year since idiots Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson suspended America's historic immigration policy back in 1965 for party dominance. We have a population of 350 million people and 95 million are out of work. With the threat facing America why are we importing third world poverty and terrorists into the USA?  Does it make any sense to bring in people hostile to American culture that also  pose a threat to the American people  and have them on wefare living off the taxpayer?

There is a solution and this is what the party should be working for; Halt immigration for the next 50 years along with the permanent cancellation of all refugee resettlement programs. A return to America's  historic immigration policy that was in force prior to 1965. The reinstallation of Ellis Island to it's original intended purpose. The deportatiohn of all illegal immigrants in the USA. Reenforcing the security of both American borders and a complete overhall of the visa entry system.

This can be done and must be done in order to protect our homeland.




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