Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Dec 18, 2015

With 2016 almost here, what do you think the top New Year’s Resolution should be for conservatives in the U.S. Congress – securing the border? Protecting America? Repealing Obamacare? Defending the 2nd Amendment? Exposing Planned Parenthood? 

That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – I hope you’ll vote today!

This week Rich Lowry notes that six months into the GOP primary battle, Republicans still can’t find a way to “trump” Donald Trump. 

How would you rate Trump’s chances of becoming the Republican nominee? Is he a shoe-in – or does he have no chance at all? (Or would you say somewhere in between?) 

The polls show him with a lead nationally – but do you believe the polls, since they’ve been so off in the past? 

Those are the final two questions in our new Weekly Poll (and the final questions for 2015 that’s hard to believe!). I’m looking forward to what people have to say.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s most repugnant lie, which we discussed in last week’s Wrap-Up? Surprise, surprise – the media is giving her a pass on it. 

It’s no wonder that the Democrat’s “dream debate” is one that nobody watches – the least bit of accountability would be devastating for her. 

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s corruption is contagious: now we’re learning that Defense Secretary Ash Carter also used a personal email address in his first months at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the New York Times tailors its news stories to put Obama in the best light possible. Another shocker, right? 

It’s hard to root for anybody in Washington this week, after the disaster of a spending bill that has been hammered out by Republicans in Congress. 

As Shaun Marie noted yesterday, some are finding small victories in the bill – but for the most part, it just shows us once again that Washington is badly broken. (After all, if Planned Parenthood is ecstatic about the legislation, there’s no way it’s a good deal for conservatives.)

Look at the bill and you’ll find $1.6 billion to “resettle” illegal aliens here in America, and federal funding for “sanctuary cities” that protect criminal illegals. There’s no funding for a border fence (though Speaker Ryan isn’t entirely opposed to fences, but only for really important things like his mansion). You’ll find almost $1 billion in aid to Mexico and Central America for “cross-cultural understanding” and “justice,” as well as special funding for left-wing groups. 

These are perilous times for our nation – and yet this time of the year reminds us to have faith. 

Liberals and heartless bureaucrats nationwide are trying their best to take Christ out of Christmas – perhaps this year’s most prominent example was in Kentucky, of all places, but fortunately there Christians joined together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. You can find examples of this deeply-held faith everywhere from small-town America to the entertainment industry.

It is this faith, more than any politician or legislation, that has the power to save our great nation. 



Merry Christmas!


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