Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Dec 11, 2015

For someone as dishonest as Hillary Clinton, it’s not easy work pinpointing the worst lie – but the New York Post has found a “winner,” so to speak.

We learned this week that the military offered support in Benghazi but the Obama Administration didn’t want it.

That’s another in a long list of disastrous foreign policy decisions that Obama has unleashed.

Obama is wrong about closing Guantanamo (a fact that’s becoming dangerously clear)… he’s wrong about “Islamophobia”… he’s wrong about using the “no-fly” list to ban guns… he’s wrong about blaming terrorism on climate change

And his entire foreign policy agenda basically amounts to “more of the same,” with political correctness given a higher priority than actually protecting Americans. 

What do you think is President Obama’s biggest national security blunder right now? How dangerous do you feel Obama’s current foreign policy agenda is for the United States? Those are the first two questions in our new Weekly Poll. 

Of course, the “mainstream” media refuses to admit that any Obama policies aren’t working.

Obama’s (and the media’s) indifference to the security of our nation, and the safety of individual Americans, is inspiring individual citizens to arm themselves – a powerful anti-terror policy that the Left refuses to consider.

And now Obama is seeking to go even further in unilaterally undermining the 2nd Amendment. 

Do you believe that now is the time for law-abiding individuals who don’t currently own guns to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to become responsible gun owners? That’s our third question for this week’s Poll. 

(As a conservative, I believe it’s important to note that anyone who wants to purchase a gun must follow all applicable state and federal laws – unlike the Left, I believe that laws must be followed.)

Victor Davis Hanson notes that these failures of the left-wing “elites” have given rise to demagogues like Donald Trump.

In other news: It’s nice to be a politically-connected liberal – you get a bailout here, a taxpayer-funded “grant” there… 

No matter how much money the government hands out, there is unfortunately plenty of proof that New York is not a business-friendly environment.

Have a great weekend!

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