January 4, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

We hope you all had an enjoyable, safe and happy Holiday and are ready for 2016 and all the excitement of a leap year....one extra day to focus on the presidential election!

Here are some of the news items you may have missed.

Sheldon Silver may no longer be able to help the trial lawyers, but this unconscionable new interpretation of a 2002 law will.  For example, the new guidelines speak to such specifics as balking at using the personal pronoun of someone's choice — "Ms." or "Mr." and if you call someone by the wrong pronoun you may be subject to a $250,000 fine.  (First time offenders excepted.)  Here is the release by the NYC Human Rights Commission.  Another blatant case of unelected officials defiantly overstepping their authority.

Governor Cuomo continues to act as if he was elected dictator, not governor. (He and President Obama both pretend they are Czars.)  His latest edicts are raising the minimum wage of SUNY workers to $15 per hour and forcing homeless off freezing city streets.   Don't get me wrong; I am not heartless and it is just and humane to shelter homeless citizens when the weather is freezing, but issuing an executive order is not the way to accomplish the ideal.  What happens if agencies do not find every homeless person?  Will the city be sued if one unfortunate soul dies?  And then there are those who will not go to a shelter. 

Governor Cuomo continues to be overly generous with government money.  Why isn't this retroactive for the last 60 years or so...how did we ever survive without government's money...but wait, government does not have any money of its own...only what it takes from hard working citizens, citizens that are fleeing from New York.   And citizens finding ways to avoid overtaxed products, denying state income that some are still willing to pay. 

Hillary's emails were in the news with many heavily redacted and the State Dept. missing the Judges' deadline.  Emails were not Hillary's only problem over the holiday as Hillary's paid speeches came under fire also.  The NY Post editorial of January 1 points out that Hillary will say anything to get what she wants.

Elliott Abrams opined on another Obama Administration spying scandal.

Eric Metaxas explained why a secular, liberal culture is bad for America.

The NY Civil Liberty Union had nothing better to do than slam County Executive Rob Astorino for attending a pre-Christmas Mass at a county jail.

President Obama continues his assault on the 2nd Amendment.

David Keene sums up the 2016 presidential race when he states, "No candidate is perfect, but the window-shopping is about over."

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