January 26, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 26, 2016

Nicole Gelinas opines,  in today's NY Post, on Mayor de Blasio's obsession on getting rid of Central Park's horse-carriages and points out how the bizarre quests points at his every weakness.  Speaking of the Mayor's weakness, why did the Mayor of New York rebuke residents for the snowplow nightmare? 

A looming nightmare is poised to return if City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito gets her way.  Even the NY Daily News agrees that the Council has a phantom menace.

Politico, NY reports that since Governor Cuomo is now siding with the Teacher's Union -- are at the very least, backed away from education reform -- the Teacher's Union has Charter Schools in their crosshairs.  The NY Post editorial points out the latest hypocrisy of the Teacher's Union.  The Daily Signal celebrates how choices in education has improved education outcomes.

Social Security is no longer the largest federal expense.  To no one's surprise, federal health care is now the number 1 expense of the federal government.  Someone please show me where in the US Constitution it says government has to provide health care to citizens.  Protection of citizens is there, but not health care, in fact you can't find even find the word "health."

Dennis Prager opines on National Review, Donald Trump and Moral Bank Accounts.

Tuesdays with Thomas Sowell.

Social Security is indeed no longer the largest federal expense for sure.Government has forgotten about its citizens. Just have a look what's happening right now in America. Trump's rage is everywhere.

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