January 25, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 25, 2016

Jonas made it perfectly clear that it is indeed winter in New York and the rest of the Eastern US Coastline.  What is also perfectly clear is Governor Cuomo's Kabuki Dance that George Marlin describes in this article published in The Island Now.

The Albany Times Union has an article on Carl Paladino and his view of the "upstate wave," that could cause a republican/conservative sweep in elections soon.  Read it here.

The latest CBO report is dire, I'm waiting for any candidate to be honest on what cuts they will make...not just intend to make... to help reduce the debt and what regulations will be cut...not just intend to cut...to create jobs to help reduce the debt.  It may not be what voters want to hear, but it is absolutely what has to be said to let citizens have faith in their government again.  If one thinks citizens are angry now, what will they be when there is no one working to pay for the entitlements eager-to-get-elected candidates promise? 

Germany:  Where are hundreds of thousands of missing refugees? 

Déjà vu!  The vast right-wing majority is responsible for Hillary's problems.  (Seriously, Hillary?  The right-wing majority worked for you and copy and pasted the emails...isn't this line of defense getting very old?)  The NY Post editorial is just as frustrated by the whole email morass as we are.

Teflon Judy is off the state's payroll.

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