January 19, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 19, 2016

Martin Luther King's celebration was able to bring Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio together, if only for a photo opportunity and unison on a very bad concept.

Rubber Rooms still exist despite us being told they don't. 

The New York Post editorial yesterday states that a full time city council is bad news for New York.  The editorial would be better if it included the same statement regarding the state legislature and left out doubling council salaries. 

Did you miss how Governor Andrew Cuomo changed his stance on conservatives in New York?  What a difference a year and a presidential campaign make. 

The Daily Signal opines on how the war on poverty has failed.

The Empire Center examines Governor Andrew Cuomo's magical mystery cash.  The Syracuse Post Standard also looks at the excessive spending proposal.  Here is more insight from Nicole Gelinas.

Hmmm, the NY Post reports, you decide.

The wheels are coming off Hillary's bus while she continues to drive as if nothing is wrong.  Bringing Bill into the fray, brings a whole new generation into the past misdeeds.  Then there is the tax dodge for the Clinton's while they want you to pay more in taxes.

A federal judge strikes down President Obama's Fast and Furious executive privilege claim.  The judge, Amy Berman, is an Obama appointee.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell:  What are elections for?


 Some people believe that Trump will make America safe. I found this information also in his campaign. The press-releases also state that he's not going to help third world countires.

 Paper writer says that a full time city gathering is terrible news for New York. The article would be better in the event that it incorporated a similar proclamation in regards to the state lawmaking body and left out multiplying gathering pay rates.

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