January 12, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 12, 2016

Having just finished his first year as Governor, Bruce Rauner (R/Illinois) has a reflective piece in today's Chicago Tribune about the difficulties of being a political neophyte with a boardroom background. 

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the United States is allowing the UNITED NATIONS decide which Syrian refugees come to America.  Outrageous. When did we cede our country to the United Nations?  From the article "What's more, the vetting system used by the U.S.- funded United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is wide open to rampant fraud, raising the specter that potential terrorists could buy their way into the United States, according to the analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies."  As we said, outrageous!

Politico, NY is reporting that a Cuomo aide said the infrastructure plan will cost $100 billion.  How much will that cost you and every New Yorker?

Will the US Supreme Court get this case right?  The Daily Signal introduces us to the California teacher whose lawsuit brought this issue to the US Supreme Court.

The Conservative Party is staunchly pro-life and this article in Catholic League is well worth reading.  In a Newsmax TV interview, Cardinal Wuerl addressed the societal effects of abortion.  You do not have to be catholic to understand how accurate his response is. 

Powerball fever and education

The true cost of prevailing wages.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell:  Messing With the Constitution.  (Mr. Sowell opines on the proposal to call for a convention of states.)

Do our Congressmen and Senators Think the United Nations has too much say in our Country??and if so what do they intend to do about it, Agood question that should be proposed to them.

 I think we could ship them all to a small Arab  country and pay their way,and supply them with rice Corn water. in that country in their general area. It would be humantarian 

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