February 3, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 3, 2016

In case you missed Chairman Mike Long on Capital Tonight, you can watch him discuss the "hot" topics here.

Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan was quick to close down the state democratic proposal announced by Speaker Heastie to impose higher taxes on the rich.  “We should be talking about lowering taxes,” said Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-LI).  “Look at states like South Carolina, Texas and far away. They’re coming and imploring our companies to leave New York right now,” he said. “The discussion should be what are we doing for economic development? What are we doing to help people grow their business? That generates money for the state of New York, and helps give us an opportunity to cut taxes.”

The  NY Post Editorial Board points out just of the problem with one party control in today's editorial:  Killing horse carriages for an outrageous pay hike: Doubly dirty City Council tricks.  There is little discussion, total lack of respect for those effected by the changes and certainly no way of stopping what a group of progressive, ultra self-centered egomaniacs want; a cushy well-paying job that does not require long, tiring working hours while they get to control the peons who pay their salaries.  Bob McManus' op-ed piece holds a lot of truth.  

The Washington Examiner has serious observations and questions on what made President Obama go to this particular mosque to discuss religious freedom when he also does all he can to curb the religious freedoms of Christians.

There are times when items in the news just stop you in your tracts.  Today, two such articles appeared.  A sick individual that blogs about "legal rape" is organizing meetings for men to attend on Saturday night throughout the world.   The other is just as disturbing in a different way.  One News Now is reporting that government is warming to the idea that it would be "ethical" to create a baby with the DNA from three people, one man and two women.  Prayer is indeed needed for society to come to its senses.

The GOP presidential candidate field is shrinking, Rand Paul out and so is Rick Santorum.

Guy Benson covers Rush's assessment of the current front runners and states how Marco Rubio is a "legitimate full-throated conservative."

Bonus Thomas Sowell column: After Iowa

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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