February 2, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 2, 2016

Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin and Nick Reisman interview Chairman Mike Long tonight and airs at 8:00 PM with a repeat broadcast at 11:30 PM.  (Check your local listing for channel.  Capital Tonight is a Time Warner Local News Station exclusive.)  Chairman Long discusses state and national elections.

Chairman Long was also on Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter.  You can listen here.  Chairman Long begins at the 38:00 mark.

The Iowa Caucus has determined a winner in the democratic caucus by a coin flip.  (Does this explain how they solve many of the nation's problems at times?)   Here is the Washington Post's coverage of the Iowa Caucus and shows how the historic republican turnout awarded Cruz 8 delegates, Trump and Rubio 7 each.  Hillary declared an early victory trying to make up for her dramatic loss of momentum.  Fortunately for Americans, no coronation is being delivered to any candidate.

The Daily Signal has more fallout from minimum wage increases, yet, Governor Cuomo is oblivious -- or worse, does not care -- about the long term effects of interfering in the free market system.

In just 13 months, the national debt increased by $1 trillion -- we are now over $19 trillion in debt.  Obviously, we need to elect a president committed to cutting spending and get this debt reduced which certainly will not happen if either Hillary or Bernie Sanders are elected.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) defines conservatism in 90 seconds.

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Political NY why Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is considering running for Governor again. CE Astorino made the remarks at our 49th Annual CPPAC.  If you were unable to attend, we will be posting videos of the speakers later this week. 

Politico NY breaks down the changes to this year's state educational tests in New York. 

Everyone who reads this blog knows that my favorite Thomas Sowell's columns are his "Random Thoughts"...today's column is one of his "Random Thoughts" and this gem is one of those thoughts:  In trying to come up with alternatives to the welfare state, even some staunch conservatives have created plans that exempt low-income people from paying taxes, or plans that provide some basic income to all, making it unnecessary to work. But exempting anyone from responsibility and reciprocity as members of society risks disaster for those individuals and for society. (emphasis added.)  Read the rest of Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell here.

This really gives an update of the news and events that we wanted to know. - Mark Zokle

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