December 23, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 23, 2015

Giving is a wonderful experience, it really brings a lot of joy to those who give and to those who receive, but,  when it is your employer asking, is the giving out of love or is there some "what will happen if I don't give" there.  As I said, giving is joyful, but, better when your boss doesn't ask you to give. 

This government official is rather cold when suggesting parents purchase $200 Rosetta Stone program so kids can teach themselves after foreign language classes were cut to only one day a week.  When your combined salary and pension is $412,913 a year, $200 isn't much, but, to struggling parents it is. 

In 1975, 18% of the population was dependent on government to sustain their lifestyle, in 2013 it jumped to 30%.  How much longer can the working public continue to provide for those who can't or don't provide for themselves?  By the way, those are just federal numbers, the states and counties contribute your tax dollars also.

Governor Cuomo, there is truth in what Speaker Ryan is saying here, perhaps you should consider what is says before New York may lose another congressional district in 2020.  Taxes in New York state remain the highest in the nation, do you want your legacy to be the person who encourages more New Yorkers to leave?

The U.S. would be burned by playing with Putin.

Judge Lippman has a parting gift for New Yorkers'; limited camera coverage is returning.

Governor Cuomo goes around the Legislature again by issuing an executive order implementing a key piece of his Raise the Age plan.  What is it with him and President Obama, do neither of them understand the three branches of government?  This abuse of writing executive orders must end!

Michael Goodwin continues to tell it like it is...this time calling out Mayor deBlasio's humble pose.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams:  Immorality and Contempt for Liberty.

May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and New Year.

Today's Blog will return on Monday, January 4, 2016,

unless there is important breaking news you.

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