December 15, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 15, 2015

 Good news for Brooklyn, as Principal Eujin Jaela Kim, rescinded her edict to ban Santa, Thanksgiving and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Santa, in his own special way, was very instrumental (along with the NY Post) in having the Pledge of Allegiance returned to the loudspeakers in Sunset Park.  Kudos to District 15 Superintendent Anita Skop and all who helped end the overzealous political correctness of Principal Kim.

Gary Glennell Toms, AKA the G-Man, interviews Chairman Mike Long on the upcoming 2016 elections. 

No surprise here, pay attention to the last sentence.  Does anyone think they will not recommend an increase in legislative pay?  Maybe a Commission would recommend no pension if convicted of a felony related to their legislative position...oh wait, the commissioners are appointed by them so I'm betting there will be no Commission for that issue.

This is surprising; Bowe Bergdahl will face a deserved court-matial.  How will the administration walk back their comments when Bergdahl is judged by military law, not President Obama's political agenda.

Ambassador John Bolton gives a clear and concise assessment of what needs to be front and center in the upcoming debates and what address how they will face the post Obama administration on national security.  Mr. Bolton states "Idealized strategies founded on hypothetical scenarios are no longer useful and critiquing Obama's daily failures also is no longer enough."  Our future depends on electing the right person, one who understands the nuances of foreign policy and does not react like a bull in a china shop. 

Nuke watchdog can't see the forest for the trees. 

Immigrants like your tax dollars more than US born citizens.

If for some strange reason you support Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Schumer and President Obama on equating the "No Fly" list and gun control, this is a must read.  If your friends support stripping Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights...send it to them.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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