Congress 'Too Busy' to Read Bills

By Shaun Marie, on Oct 20, 2009


Crowd Explodes When Arlen Specter Urges That We "Do This Fast"

Arlen hears only what he wants to hear & his positions vary depending on whether on not what position he takes will get him re-elected. I understand the desire for self preservation. However, Arlen takes this notion to an extreme so despicable, it makes one ill.  Arlen will get the backing of union thugs & Soros backed liberals. Arlen has shown he has no character. Changing his mind at the drop of a hat shows he has no scruples.

Arlen may win re-election. But only because liberal bastions like Philadelphia, Scranton, & other big cities seeking govt. handout money, will back anyone who promises them more money. They seem to fail to realize taxpayers supply that money & if they are working, that mens them. Sooner or later, those taxes will eat so far into your livelihood, that you will be dependent on govt. handouts to even survive.

Health care reform (which is really the destruction of the existing best in the world system for a govt. bureaucracy that will end up rationing care), Cap & Trade (Tax) will force many elderly out of their homes once those utility bills skyrocket... plus we will end up sending money to nations that use it to harm us, and so many other ill-conceived federal government programs & actions, will only serve to make people march lockstep to notions of an elite few who really could care less about social justice. All they really want is power & wealth. The haves & the have nots will continue, it will just be new masters who are the haves & their intentions will be nasty in the extreme for anyone who voices an opinion in opposition to the tyrants running the show.

Arlen should be retired by the voters. We may get someone even worse. However, Arlen's lies have fed up most of us. Enough so we'd prefer a new liar in office than to listen to his lies. Maybe we'll get lucky & the public will wise up & vote in a reasonable conservative.

For the sake of Pennsylvania & America, I hope so!

When government becomes a metaphor for an alternative economy that you can tap into, you ceased having government the moment that thought entered your head, and you have now become a slave of the state?

That's what people do, if they like something, they want more of it, it's a natural feeling?  Problem is, government is created by taxes?  What if the desire for more things, outgrows the ability of business to plan for taxes, and they stop creating jobs, or worse, fire people?

  If Republicans hold their ground, if they route out the Rhinos, an alternative third party could possibly come around, and surpise the entrenched Democrats with a new party system, after their complete implosion from the weight of their own dumb ideas?

That would create a new two party system, would it not?

Common Sense never dies, it just multiplies!





Arlen Spectper has never listened to the people, EVER. When republicans finally realized this and he was sure he would be "retired" in the next election, he changed parties. He is now a democrat. It should be illegal to just change parties in mid stream without running a new or special election because it is like saying you suddenly no longer represent the views and values of the people that actually elected you. Arlen and his tactics need to go the way of the dinosaurs as soon as possible. Americans deserve better. VOTE NO INCUMBENTS.

"Health care reform (which is really the destruction of the existing best in the world system ..." Clearly that writer has never lived in another country where truely good health care for the people exists.

Yes, we have the "best in he world system" for the benefit of the insurance companies, not the benefit of the people.

Yes, the creation of a 2000 page "bill" is a clear sign that the Congress is inept and unable to properly reform health care.

We Americans are really "between a rock and a hard place" here, and our future depends upon solving it.  Clearly our present health care "system" is nearing collapse under the financian burden of its own inefficiency and waste, ending what limited and poor health care most Americans have today. For a party who proposes that individual Americans be free, self sufficient and self- responsible, how can it support a system that demands one be "employed" by some deep-pockets company who can pick up most of the cost of health insurance? When those companies go bankrupt or move the jobs overesas where costs are lower, how can such dependent people here survive without their largess?

Some things in our society need to be paid for by all for the benefit of all. No individual should be responsible for personally warding off an attack  from a foreign power. We bond together in mutual self-interest and form an army to do that, and army under the strong central leadership our constitution provides. And we do the same in many other areas including roads, fire, police  and education, just to name a few. Why not include health care? How can we afford not to?

But first we need a competent government that works. Let's begin by ending our current "best government money can buy" bought and paid for by the mega-corporations through their lobbists. Let's return to the basics where we have real citizens, doctors, accountants, plumbers, carpenters and the like serving for a limited  time in Congress as our representatives as our founders envisioned.

That entire tirade is a joke.

The entire thing is written to scare uneducated conservatives into thinking that the rich cant afford to lose some of their profit and actually provide a service that more than 50% of the country can afford.

Healthcare reform is needed to allow the 33% currently uninsured to get care that doesn't bankrupt them!   The fatcats sitting on the top of the current healthcare monopoly are making billions each year while millions of people are denied basic coverage.

When costs are lower, more people can afford it and overall profit is HIGHER.  Stop listening to your far-right talking heads and use your puny brains, fucktards.

Arlen comes across as just another political opportunist.  Most liberals in Pennsylvania would prefer to have a long-time Democrat as senator, rather than a Johnny-Come-Lately like Arlen Specter, as they cannot ever be sure if he can really be trusted. 

In another vein, I am pleased to see some third party alternatives like the Conservative Party of New York State.  The American people want clear, definable platforms, not just wishy-washy and nebulous choices like "Blue Dogs" and "RINOs."  In fact, the primary reason that Barack Obama was elected president is because the American people were sick and tired of the same old, lame choices and lack of solid direction that politicians have taken this country since the end of the Reagan presidency; and I am referring to both Democrats and Republicans.  They wanted meaningful change, and were willing to give Obama a chance to provide it.

While I am politically to the left and support our president, I am glad you are there to provide a substantive alternative to the American people.

Specter is a big phoney. He'll be trounced in the next election. There's not a mg. of Clacium in his spine. Feckless.

Wow!  Stand up, America!  No more sitting back waiting for someone else to do it for us or to tell us what to think and what to vote.  The American people, as seen and heard in this clip, are just beginning to stand up and take our nation back.  It may seem rude and belligerent to those trying to speak, but I suppose the Americans resisting the tyranny of England seemed rude and belligerent in their day too.  Thank God for them and their courage to stand, to fight, even to die.   We must stand up and be heard; we must vote these career politicians out of office; and we must vote real Americans who love our nation and truly revere freedom and honesty into those positions.  And then we must vigilantly hold them all accountable.   As hard as our precious military personnel are working to fight and guard our freedom around the world, that hard and harder must we work to guard and maintain it here at home.   God bless and help America.

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