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December 16, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 16, 2015

The Daily Signal gives us a look at the federal spending bill that will pass by tomorrow.  The $1.1 trillion spending bill has both side claiming victory, but we doubt any taxpayer is going to be pleased with the amount of spending,  especially the funding of the <a href="http://dailysig

December 15, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 15, 2015

 Good news for Brooklyn, as Principal Eujin Jaela Kim, rescinded her edict to ban Santa, Thanksgiving and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Santa, in his own special way, was very instrumental (along with the NY Post) in having the Pledge of Allegiance returned to the loudspeakers in Sunset Park.  Kudos to District 15 Superintendent Anita Skop and all who helped end the overzealous political correctness of Principal Kim.

December 14, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 14, 2015

Chairman Mike Long appeared on Cats Roundtable over the weekend.  Chairman Long discusses the need to implement Term Limits and other timely topics.  You can listen to the podcast here. 

Michael Goodwin has an interesting column dealing with Preet Bharara's continuing "stayed tuned" comments.

Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Dec 11, 2015

For someone as dishonest as Hillary Clinton, it’s not easy work pinpointing the worst lie – but the New York Post has found a “winner,” so to speak.

December 10, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 10, 2015

Some things never change, however, Chicago politics may be about to change as the Washington Post headlines states "Rahm Emanuel is in deep, deep trouble.

December 9,2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 9, 2015

The latest batch of emails from the unsecured Clinton server reveals some very damaging information.   Read about them here.

December 8, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 8, 2015

The Daily Signal takes the President to task on his climate change history. 

December 7, 2015

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 7, 2015

President Obama addressed the Nation last night to let us know what we already knew,  the San Bernardino attack was an act of terrorism.  According to the President, gun control laws are need to prevent such despicable actions from occurring in the future.  Essentially his speech was full of rhetoric that, quite frankly, Americans are tired of hearing.  Cut the platitudes Mr.

Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Dec 4, 2015

This week we were reminded (yet again!) that our nation is in grave danger with President Barack Obama in charge.