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Petition to Free the Seals

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 14, 2009

The Conservative Party urges you to sign a Petition to Free the Seals

These three men are charged with abusing a terrorist they captured in a daring nighttime raid on or about 1 September 2009. On that night, they -- as part of a platoon from SEAL Team 10 -- captured and detained Ahmed Hashim Abed, one of the most barbaric and dangerous terrorists in Iraq.

Never Forget 911

By Shaun Marie, on Nov 30, 2009

Join us on December 5, 2009 at Noon in Foley Square to to fight the decision of U.S.

Legislative Alert ~ US Senate Vote ~ Nov. 21, 2009

By Shaun Marie, on Nov 20, 2009

The Senate Bill, all 2074 pages of it,  is not good for the health and wealth of Americans. Saturday, November 21, 2009, the Senate is expected to vote to end debate on the bill, and will need 60 votes to do so. Some Democrats, Ben Nelson and Joe Leiberman, for example, are unhappy with certain sections of the bill: Nelson wants stronger pro-life languange and Liberman does not want a "public option".

Legislative Alert

By Shaun Marie, on Nov 7, 2009

The US House of Representatives is about to vote on the most expansive, expensive legislation to change our health care, today, Saturday, November 7, 2009.  From all analysis, the "Brad Ellsworth Amendment" is a sham and even NY Democratic Congressman McMahon stated in today's NY Post that "he is troubled by its tax hikes, cut

Thank you Doug Hoffman!

By Shaun Marie, on Nov 4, 2009

Thank you all for all you did to help Doug Hoffman.   You have energized the Conservative Party and let the Nation know that conservatism is alive and well in New York and throughout our Country.