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Tired of the "Food Police"?

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 12, 2010

If you are fed up with government telling you can and cannot eat --  check out this website.

If you live in the New York City area, sign the petition to tell Mayor Bloomberg and Health Czar Thomas Farley that you do not want them to make your food decision for you.


CPPAC Videos

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 5, 2010

If you were unable to attend the 43rd Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference, or if you attended and want to listen to the speakers again, it has been uploaded to VEOH Videos.  You will need to download the VEOH player (available for free on the site) to view the segments.  Click here to take you directly to the correct page on VEOH: 


Petition To Save OUR Tax Dollars

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 28, 2010

We need your help to stop the out of control spending by Albany Legislators.  Please download our "Petion to Save Tax Dollars" and have your family and friends sign it.  If you can make copies to leave in your businesses, we would appreciate it.  Please return as many as you can, as soon as you can, so we can deliver them to Albany prior to the budget vote. 

"We the taxpaying public, say "Absolutely No Increases this year, in fact with the budget deficit, there must be a DECREASE in spending."

Again, time is short, please return as soon as you ca

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Keep KSM Trial out of NYC

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 7, 2010

We are on the verge of winning this battle!  Keep the pressure on!  Please sign the petition to keep the KSM trial out of New York City.   Thank you!

Biggest News story for Conservatives in 2009?

By Shaun Marie, on Dec 31, 2009

Please stop by our  Blog  and vote for the biggest news story for Conservatives in 2009.  Hurry the poll is for one week only!  Thank you.