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By Mike Long, on Feb 26, 2016

President Obama, never one to let the law of the land get in his way, made it perfectly clear that he is determined  to close Guantanamo Bay.  As we noted earlier, even his AG Loretta Lynch, does not agree that he can close Guantanamo.  He even goes as far as to lie about GITMO in order to try and persuade others that he is doing the right thing.&nbsp

February 25, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 25, 2016

The NY Post editorial says that de Blasio’s slush fund is looking shadier than ever

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Politico that the minimum raise push blurs lines between donors' apparatus and Cuomo’s. 

February 24, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 24, 2016

The outrageous NYC Council proposal to allow non-citizens the right to vote is not the only looming non-citizens voting facing Americans.  National Review reports how the Obama Administration, under the direction of AG Loretta Lynch, is helping groups like the League of Woman Voters and NAACP, fight efforts to prevent illegal citizens from voting.  Breaking good news:

February 23, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 23, 2016

On his way out of office, President Obama is determined to keep his campaign promise to close  Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  Speaker Ryan's reaction: “Congress has left no room for confusion,” the speaker said.

February 22, 2016

By Shaun Marie, on Feb 22, 2016

President Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying “America will never be destroyed from the outside.